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Fast, dependable, intuitive – information at your fingertips!

Live broadcasts that require insertion of up-to-the-minute graphics for spontaneous discussion have always been a special challenge for moderators and the technical direction. touchViz masters this challenge by effectively involving all team members. Using an iPhone or iPod touch, the moderator can survey the available graphics and clips and select the one to show next – that's information fully in hand!

With touchViz, graphics to be inserted are controlled directly and interactively using an iPhone or iPod touch during live broadcasts. In such programs the live moderation team must be able to spontaneously react to the situation as it develops and must be able to show the most recent graphics. The traditional way of doing this required extremely intensive communication with the technical crew. The wrong images and embarrassing overextended camera shots were unavoidable. touchViz puts an end to such embarrassments. The moderator comes across as sovereign and competent.

An often-seen attempt is to give the moderator the possibility of interaction by setting up a touch screen in the studio, but this is inadequate. The production concept, the set, and the moderation team become too strongly oriented towards the touch screen, which becomes the centre of attention in the program. This avoids the moderation of spontaneous talks with people in the studio or with guests and experts via satellite.

The tpc touchViz solution goes a new way. The moderator has in hand a graphics-enabled remote control (an iPhone or iPod touch). This allows him or her to easily and efficiently review the current set of images and select the one to be shown next. touchViz uses the simple mode of operation of iPhone/iPod devices, which minimizes the need for training and obviates the use of complex systems.



Intuitive navigation using a topic related matrix

Images and clips are selected by fingertip from a topic related matrix. The files are logically grouped both horizontally and vertically, so the desired image can be quickly found by intuitive search and selected.


touchViz uses the proven intuitive operating concept of the iPhone/iPod. Clear, meaningful fields are always displayed where an action can be initiated. That makes operation reliable, fast, and simple – child's play.


The image selected by the moderator appears immediately on the relevant displays (studio screen, technicians' preview monitors, etc.). Insertion (into the TV picture) is controlled by the technicians. The moderator can control the selection of elements within a graphic switched on air to suit his or her discussion.


The advantages at a glance

  • Fast and flawless access to real-time graphics
  • Intuitive operation with minimum training
  • The moderator radiates a competent image
  • Effective support of directors and technicians


System requirements

The tpc touchViz system described here refers to the application in combination with Vizrt 3D real-time graphics systems. Integration with other systems is planned.

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For more information contact us at tpc. You can reach our specialists at +41 44 305 45 98

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